HEXWELD Exothermic Welding

What is HEXWELD?

The HEXWELD processes use the same, time proven way to connect conductors at the molecular level. This process involves the reduction of copper oxide by aluminum which creates aluminum oxide and enough heat to provide molten copper for the connection.

The reaction is encapsulated by a graphite mould that is designed for specific conductors. These moulds provide a portable and economical way to make the best electrical connection.

Where We Can Use Exothermic Welding?

Infrastructure Projects
Power Plant
Utility Projects
Wind Farms
Solar Farms

The HEXWELD Connection

The HEXWELD connection produces an electrical connection superior in performance to any known mechanical or pressure type connection. These connections are made in several applications including Grounding, Lightning Protection, Cathodic Protection, and Rail.

The molecular bond formed when making HEXWELD between two or more conductors.

Advantages of HEXWELD exothermically welded connections:

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