DIN Rail Channels

DIN Rail Channels

HEX offers a complete range of DIN RAILS for the mounting of terminal blocks, MCBs etc. These steel rails are manufactured from cold roll steel and processed in various types through rolling. The finish is zinc electroplated with yellow passivation. Also available with white passivation, as per RoHS compliance, against specific orders.

All rails are available in 1 mtr. & 2 mtr. length and in three types i.e. Plain (P), Punched/Dotted (D) & Slotted (S)
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Product Code: HDR - 3575

Size: 35mm x 7.5mm

Product Code: HDR - 3215G

Size: 32mm x 15mm x 9mm

Product Code: HDR - 1555

Size: 15mm x 5.5mm

Product Code: HDR - 3515

Size: 35mm x 15mm

Also available with White Passivation as per RoHS compliance against specific order.

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